Learning power | Han Shiming: Promote the integration of "industry, university and research" and open up the "last mile" of results transformation


"Promoting the integration of 'production, university and research' and opening up the 'last mile' of results transformation is the ultimate goal of local colleges and universities to transform and develop, and it is also a powerful starting point for colleges and universities to serve the high-quality development of local economy and society and help rural revitalization.。”

"We found kiwifruit 'superior', carried out high-branch grafting, and provided scientific and technological support for the local kiwifruit variety 'breeding', which we have been working hard and did not stop for a moment.。”

"At present, while doing a good job in classroom teaching, I also spare time to go deep into the kiwifruit industry base within the area of Liupanshui, guide the masses to carry out kiwifruit winter management and care, and contribute the scientific and technological strength of the 'six division' to achieve the goal of 100,000 mu of kiwifruit 'ton production park' in Liupanshui in 2024.。”

Recently, in the face of an interview with reporters, Han Shiming, associate professor of Liupanshui Normal College (College of Biological Science and Technology), talked about the past and future of the school since the launch of the "industry-university-research" integration in 2016。

他说,10年前,To continuously explore the development path of colleges and universities,Liupanshui Normal College began to work on the local agricultural industry,Especially the red heart kiwi industry to investigate and study,In order to practice the school's "strong discipline, team building, quality, promoting transformation" development concept,Build a "school-enterprise collaborative education" platform,Enhance the connotation of school。

Accordingly, the road of "school-enterprise cooperation" of "six divisions" has taken a key step of "stepping forward"。

In 2016, "Six division" successively cooperated with more than 20 enterprises such as Liupanshui Agricultural Investment and Development Co., LTD., Liupanshui Liangdu Kiwifruit Industry Co., LTD., and injected new vitality into the development of the local agricultural industry。

In the same year, under the premise of not affecting the teaching, more than 20 professional teachers of the "Six Teachers" College of Biological Science and Technology, after the deployment of the school, have gone deep into the enterprises and industrial frontline within the jurisdiction of Liupanshui。

Here, researchers from the kiwifruit growth, taste, color, disease and insect conditions and soil improvement, launched a series of investigations and studies, and retrieved samples, in the school laboratory for separation, identification, the conclusion that "Liupanshui kiwifruit industry is suitable for planting at 800-1300 meters above sea level"。

The school also introduced the Chinese Academy of Sciences Wuhan Botanical Garden and the University of Science and Technology of China and other domestic scientific research institutions of advanced technology, Han Shiming also led the research team, the introduction of domestic scientific research results, concepts to guide fruit farmers to implement kiwi planting。

How to make the school's "College of Biological Science and Technology" better develop in the "industry-university-research", Han Shiming believes that: "Let teachers and students have the opportunity to participate in scientific research projects, in order to truly achieve the development effect of" school-enterprise collaboration education"。”

Han Shiming said: "The Times are changing, our education can no longer be as before 'only teach knowledge';We want to let students on campus to do the "knowledge" and "reality of life" combined, and ultimately achieve the "knowledge serves the production of life" goal。”

How to go about the "school-enterprise cooperation" of the "six divisions"?Han Shiming introduction: Based on the local agricultural industry development needs,The "Six teachers" set up a research team of the key laboratory of characteristic fruit tree resources research,Assign someone to take charge,Through the school in kiwifruit cultivation and breeding experience accumulated,And around key enterprises, industries "pulse inquiry",Solved the "difficult and complicated diseases" of concern and concern to the planting masses。

In addition, the research team sent by the "six divisions" also provides technical training for enterprises and the masses in a "visible and tangible" way, guides scientific and technological innovation, and effectively implements precise assistance。

In recent years, the "six Divisions" scientific research team led by Han Shiming has conducted more than 3,000 training sessions on fruit cultivation techniques for leaders, enterprise employees and villagers in various towns in Shuicheng District。Liupanshui Normal College, where he works, also has more than 200 students directly involved in the project practice。

"We started school-enterprise cooperation, in the final analysis, to benefit students, rich leaders, enterprise employees and villagers。"Han Shiming concluded。

The reporter learned,Only from 2018,Dr. Han Shiming and Yang Zaichao,As a special envoy for science and technology in Guizhou Province,Was dispatched to Liuzhi Special zone, Shuicheng district related industrial base,Mainly engaged in the cultivation and breeding of fruit trees and water and fertilizer management technology promotion and orchard experiment promotion,And become a "fruit tree expert" trusted by fruit farmers.。

"Transmission, help and belt" is the driving force and source of developing rural industry。In order to impart kiwifruit planting and management technology to more and more fruit farmers, Han Shiming and his colleagues strengthen communication with kiwifruit growers within the Shuicheng District area, guide them to scientific planting, management and protection, and promote the increase of income of the masses。

"Our purpose is to teach fruit tree seed management technology to fruit farmers, so that those who learn hard and learn fast people, after mastering the technology and realizing the benefits, and then pass on the experience to the people around us, only in this way, we can find the 'discipline theory' into 'practice' support point.。"Han Shiming said。

Rural revitalization is a "big article", which requires all kinds of talents to give full play to their abilities, show their talents and show their abilities in the vast world of rural areas。

During the period of helping enterprises, Han Shiming and his research team went into the field plots, carried out research around the theme of "modern, mountainous, characteristic and efficient" in Guizhou, and put forward innovative development ideas。

He believes: "Only by writing scientific research results on the earth can schools, teachers and students win the unanimous recognition of parents and all sectors of society in promoting the development of rural industries and serving the local economy and society.。”

As of Dec,With the support of Guizhou Provincial Science and Technology Department, Education Department and Liupanshui Municipal Science and Technology Bureau,Han Shiming led the research team,Key issues such as standardized cultivation management technology and research and development of green pest prevention and control technology in kiwifruit industry have been tackled,Has initially formed a "strong combat" science and technology service team。

Based on teaching, we can do our best to show the style of education。

If we stick to industry, we can boost rural revitalization。

Han Shiming said: "In the new era, on the new journey, we will further through the integration of 'production, university and research', point-to-point, face to face to train students into qualified talents needed by society, and ultimately achieve the development goal of 'promoting development by education and promoting revitalization by talents'.。”

Six divisions in transformation and development

Han Shiming went deep into the industrial base and awarded kiwi planting technology to fruit farmers。

"Six Division" research team in the industrial base to view the growth of kiwifruit。

"Production, study and research" integration, bearing a pleasing kiwi fruit。

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